Orga Spiritus

"The despotic ruler of the Ancients. Respected and feared, he reigned as the Sun King.

Little is Known about him due to the lack of surviving records from the time of the Ancients, but it is said he wielded unfathomable power and ruled with an iron fist.

He was a proud man, with a thirst of domination and conquest. His desire to rule has spanned countless eons, reaching into the modern day."

In-game Description

The Sun King of the Ancients, He is the antagonist of Phantasy Star Portable 2, He is the ancient whose vessel is Shizuru Shu, the son of Natsume Shu, the CEO of subspace research. His goal is to get the three codex, the codex of Denes, Kasch, and Rykros. And lastly Mika, whose vessel is Emilia Percival. After he got all the keys to reopen Maghara, he engaged in combat with the Player, Emilia, Yut, and Kraz/Shizuru (depending on which ending you will get later on). His first form is Orga Spiritus, and last is Orga Angelus, as seen in the pictures on the right. He is the Final Boss of the Game

Orga Angelus