Pso2 lilipan

Three Lillipans watching a storm brew in the distance

Lillipans (Japanese: リリーパ族, literally "riripa family/group") are a friendly race of rabbits residing on the desert planet, Lillipa. Their pelts tend to generally be light brown in color, though there also exists some dark brown and even white variations. Although Lillipans are known for being proficient mechanics on their homeworld, they seem to have recently become overrun by unruly, killer machines and darkers with the revival of Dark Falz.

The Lillipans are an intelligent, albeit somewhat primitive, race that has developed a form of language, although to the untrained ear it simply sounds like a variety of "lili" sounds.


  • The words "Lillipa" and "Lillipan" could possibly derive from the fictional kingdom of Lilliput along with its tiny inhabitants from the story, Gulliver's Travels by Jonathan Smith. The English word, "lilliputian," is derived from the story as meaning something or someone very small.[1]


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