thumb|300px|right|Living Universe Living Universe is the theme song for Phantasy Star Portable 2. It is sung by Aimee Blackschleger and Tahirih Walker provides backing backing vocals. It is composed by Hideaki Kobayashi.


Wish (upon a star)
Hope to (be again)
The one you find, when all is done and through!

If all, made a wish to save, the star
would it be in vain?

So much it holds, too dear to part, many ways to see the light of answers!
For all was once, just taken away, that one hope all disappeared
so none can break nor brittle my heart
no, never again, until the end....

Phantasy Star Universe! (They shine on!)
Unravel the dark to light the world...
(They shine on!) For all the hearts who gave
(They are all) Know that it shines because of you! (They shine on!)

Phantasy Star Universe! (They light up!)
Shooting to light the wishes true (They light up!)

There's many a star in the universe!
...but it's only the one in you, that I can see!

Other Versions

Within the Original Soundtrack, three other versions of Living Universe are included as well as the song itself:

  1. Living Universe - Original Mix -
  2. Entrance Universe - Living Universe REMIX - which does not include the first three lines of Living Universe.
  3. Entrance Universe - Vocal MIX - which does not include the first three lines and omits some music throughout the piece.


  • There are 2 places in the game where the intro (and Living Universe with it) plays: when you first start the game, and in the 1st chapter after the Svalita battle, after you are knocked out from trying to protect Emilia from the ambush. The only difference is that you cannot skip it in the story mode.

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