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Welcome to the Phantasy Star Wiki! Enjoy the nostalgia of the original series,
or learn more about the more recent MMORPG additions to the franchise.

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News & Spotlight

Phantasy Star Online 2

New Game for PC!

For further information, see: Phantasy Star Online 2

The latest online installment to the Phantasy Star franchise has launched. The Windows client and Japanese servers are currently available. Sega has announced iOS, Android, and Playstation Vita ports using the same servers, and a localization for North America and Europe for 2013.

Featured Article

Dark Force

Dark Force - also mistranslated as Dark Falz - is a main antagonist in the Phantasy Star series. It is the personification of evil itself. It's origin was not revealed until Phantasy Star IV, when it was explained that he was a agent formed from the Profound Darkness for the purpose of destroying the Algo System.

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