Makda Milian
Makda milian 32 yr arkguard
Appears in: Shadow of the Arkguard
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 32
Affiliation: Illuminus

Makda Milian is a minor antagonist in the motion comic, Shadow of the Arkguard.


Makda Milian is a 32-year old Illuminus member that has been taking part in the recent spring of terrorist bombings on Holtes City, Parum, approximately one month after the events of Phantasy Star Universe. The Guardians are able to apprehend the man and begin to question his mission and the group's motives. Milian makes it evident that he will not divulge any information unless he is able to speak with Ethan Waber, the hero who destroyed the HIVE colony.

Makda2 arkguard

Ethan watches in horror as Makda reels in pain.

When Ethan agrees to join Makda in the interrogation room, the terrorist reveals that Olson Waber, Ethan's father, was also an Illuminus member. Waber angrily denies the man's claim, to which, Makda says that he will be able to learn more if he travels to the Bistonia Mine on Moatoob. Shortly after uttering his last words, Illuminus members activate the nano machines hidden within Makda's body. Makda screams in pain as the machines force him into cardiac arrest, causing him to die on the floor.