Matha Grave
Matha grave
Game: Phantasy Star Online
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Class: FOmarl
Section ID: Bluefull

Matha Grave (Japanese: マァサ・グレイブ) is a FOmarl from Phantasy Star Online. She is a minor character featured primarily in the Hunter's Guild quest, The Grave's Butler. She returns for a cameo appearance in the Blue Burst quest, Blue Star Memories.



Miss Matha Grave was born into a family of scientists that worked under top secret conditions for the government.[1] Her father was given the opportunity to work with Pioneer 1 on the ambitious Pioneer Project, and, knowing the dangers that would come with such a task, refused to take Matha with him. Before Mr. and Mrs. Grave traveled to Ragol, they showed the then enraged butler, Blant, their work in an effort to explain how dangerous the situation was becoming which lead to Blant questioning the government's intentions with the project.

As a consequence to their rigorous jobs, their daughter Matha was always alone.


  1. "The Graves are famous scientists: a biologist and a physicist. They've been working hard, doing research for the government... Their research was top secret, the government alone knew what they did." - Blant in The Grave's Butler
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