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Mayor's Mission is a side quest in Phantasy Star Zero. Dairon, the mayor of Dairon City, posts a quest of dire importance to the Hunter's Guild requesting a mysterious plant. The mayor's secretary, Ms. Lindow, researches the strange ingredient and becomes immediately suspicious of the mayor's intentions.

Quest Details

Official quest description: "You are to gather a certain plant from the valley. Full secrecy is to be maintained."
Difficulty: Easy-difficult
Length: Very Short
Client: Dairon
Solo mode only?: No
Requirements: Unlock and clear Gurhacia Valley in story mode
NPC partners: Any
Areas visited: Gurhacia Valley
(Healing meadow [1 room] → Ancient clearing → Dragon's den [Reyburn])


[Boxed words] indicate possible answers the player can give when prompted or any other messages indicated by the game. Written immediately under the selection is what the NPC will say as a result of the player's choice. A space in between the answer and the following paragraph is the universal continuation dialogue for both choices after the choice has taken effect.

(Parenthesis words) describe what is happening in the scene sometimes without it actually being written in the script. If they appear directly after a character's name, they are either thinking to themselves or whispering.

Mayor's Mission

Lindow: [NAME], do you have a moment? I hoped to discuss your present quest in private.
There are too many curious eyes here, so if we could please step aside?

(You and Lindow move off to the side where no one in the guild can hear.)

Lindow: No one can overhear us here. Good, I can explain now...
As you know, your current quest has been ordered by the mayor as an emergency mission.
However, there does not seem to be any sort of emergency whatsoever.
There have been no urgent calls for help, nor is the plant sought by the mayor an important medicinal ingredient.
I wonder how he even learned of the plant in the first place. Virtually no data exists about it.
Its known benefits are unspectacular. It seems hardly worthwhile to harvest as a top-priority quest.
So, as you have heard, everything about this quest is somewhat puzzling.
Knowing our mayor, I can't believe that anything shady would be underfoot.
However, there may be a reason that it simply cannot be known to the public.
Please be aware of the peculiarities surrounding this quest. I will keep an eye on the mayor.
Also, the plant grows near a place that dragons have nested in the past. Please keep alert at all times.

(Use the teleport to Gurhacia Valley. Upon entering the valley, the scene transitions to inside the mayor's office.)

Dairon: La di da di da, la di da di doo...
Lindow: You're humming to yourself, Mayor? That's out of character for you. Are you happy about something?
Dairon: Hah?! Oh, oh, it's you, Ms. Lindow. Please don't startle me like that.
Lindow: I am your secretary, sir. I should be by your side, always. I repeat, are you happy about something?
Dairon: No, nothing in particular. Don't let me concern you.
Lindow: I see.
Dairon: ...
Lindow: ...
Dairon: Ms. Lindow, if I may ask? How long do you intend to keep standing there?
Lindow: I am your secretary, sir.
Dairon: No, it's fine. You're free to go as you wish.
Lindow: Please, sir...
Dairon: Ahem. Ms. Lindow, could you give me some privacy?
I can't concentrate on my job with you hovering over my shoulder.
Lindow: I am a failure as a secretary if I impede your duties as mayor. I am sorry. I will leave.
I will be standing by right outside. Please call for me when I am needed.

(Lindow leaves the office.)

Dairon: Okay, now...

(As the cutscene ends, you appear in the healing meadow. Fight the hostiles in the field and continue up to the next area.)

(Transition to outside Dairon's office.)

Lindow: Despite what he claims, the mayor's behavior is decidedly odd.
To expose injustice and correct wrongs are also a secretary's job.
Though I feel bad for doubting him, I must keep an eye on the mayor.

(Meanwhile, Dairon is searching for something inside his office... Lindow peeks inside, making comments to herself quietly.)

Dairon: Now where did I put it?
Lindow: (He appears to be searching for something.)
Dairon: Ah, yes, yes, here it is. Pull here, and... Oof! There we go.
Lindow: (Is that a box? His furtiveness seems to suggest it contains something important.)
Dairon: Ah, good, very good. It's curing just so. It should be ready for processing.
Lindow: (That plant! It's the same as the one we sent the hunters to collect.)
(He has so much already. Why would he need more?)

(The player arrives in the ancient clearing. Fight to the next area.)

(Transition to the mayor's office.)

Dairon: Now, we take this... And yes... grind it to a smooth paste.
Lindow: (It appears that he's been turning that plant into a green soup. What does he intend to do with it?)
Dairon: Hmm... I thought I had plenty of that plant, but this is all I get?
I suppose this will do for the time being.
I'm out of raw ingredients, but when the hunters return, I can get back to making more.
Lindow: (Did he order the hunters out on a personal errand? Or is that plant some sort of miracle cure?)
(No, I'm certain that the plant had no fantastic medical benefit. At most, it promotes cellular regeneration.)
(I don't understand. I don't understand this at all.)

(The cutscene ends and returns to the player. Engage Reyburn in the dragon's den.)

(After defeating the dragon, another cutscene begins in the mayor's office.)

Dairon: Er, ahem! Ms. Lindow, I need you here.
Lindow: You called, sir?
Dairon: That was quick. A little shockingly so.
For a little while, I need you to turn away all of my visitors. No one enters until I say so, all right?
Lindow: No one, you say?
Dairon: That's right. Unless it is absolutely critical.
Lindow: Understood, sir.
By the way, Mayor, what is that liquid?

(Dairon flinches.)

Dairon: Oh!
This is... It's, uh, nothing. It's one of my medicines. Yes. Now, will you leave, too?
Let me repeat myself, no one must be allowed to enter my office. In an emergency, shout for me.
Lindow: As you wish, sir. *Sigh*
I hope [NAME] is safe.
That plant is said to grow near cliffs. I hope it isn't dangerous.

(Scene transitions back in the dragon's den. You see a light sparkle next to the treasure box.)

(As you pick it up...)

Lindow: What could he be doing in there?
[NAME] should be back to drop off the item any minute now...
And then, hopefully we'll get to the bottom of this.

[Quest cleared!]

(Return back to Dairon City with the teleporter and walk into the Hunter's Guild.)

Lindow: Welcome back, [NAME]. You couldn't have timed your return any better.
I haven't determined why the mayor is acting so furtively, but he has been locked away doing whatever it is.
I also witnessed him preparing a liquid from the same kind of plant he had you harvest.
It didn't appear to be especially dangerous, but I must admit that the mayor's actions worry me.
And, because I am his secretary, I would be remiss in my duties if I were to approach him when told not to.
[NAME], could you do this for me? Look in on him under the justifiable pretense of filing a quest report.
You will simply need to act as if you were eager to report right away. You would be above blame.

[Will do.] <-

Lindow: Thank you, [NAME].
Also, I will pretend to stop you, and barge in as well.

[No way.] <-

Lindow: I see.
If I were to disobey the mayor's instructions, my loyalty as a secretary would be questioned.
Very well. I will keep this matter sealed in my memory.

Lindow: Um... What is that smell? Do you notice a really strange odor? It's coming from the mayor's office!
Oh, Mayor!

(You and Lindow barge into the mayor's office to find a green-haired Dairon.)

Dairon: What is the meaning of this?!
Ms. Lindow?! And [NAME]!
Lindow: Mayor, are you all right?
Mayor? What are you doing? Have you dyed your hair?
And what is this stench?
Dairon: Well, uh... No, no! This is, uh, nothing, really! Nothing, I say!
T-Towel! I need a towel!
Lindow: Here's a towel, sir.

(Dairon uses the towel to wipe his hair, taking the green off.)

Dairon: Ah, yes, good.
And, uh, ahem! Ahem! H-Hello, [NAME]. I trust you're well? You look well.
Lindow: Mayor. Was that liquid what is commonly known as a hair restorative?
Dairon: *Sigh* So, you've seen that much, have you?
All right, Ms. Lindow, I give up. Denying it makes me look all the more pathetic.
I just need you to understand one thing. Everyone has at least one or two secrets that they never want to reveal.
[NAME]... May I pledge you to silence about what you witnessed here today?
Naturally, I won't demand your silence free of charge.
If you promise to keep quiet about this, I'll reward you with the most precious item of my collection.
No, seriously, I want you to have it. To survive as mayor, I've had to occasionally resort to irregular means.
Lindow: Please. Please refrain from using such talk over something so trivial.
Your words lost all credibility the moment you ordered a quest for your own private benefit.
Dairon: Urk! Your heart is hard, Ms. Lindow.
No, but, seriously. Let's be adults about this. I'll sweeten the reward.
You are to be commended for your most outstanding work on this quest. I expect to see even more from you.
So, uh, [NAME], you're dismissed! You too, Ms. Lindow. Out! This time, no one gets in. I mean it!

(You and Lindow are shooed out of the office.)

Lindow: He just shooed us out this time.
This is confounding me. What is the proper response when one is confronted by such a situation?

[Just laugh it off.] <-

Lindow: Yes, it certainly was an incident that could be laughed at.

[Get angry, naturally.] <-

Lindow: Oh, no. Not that. I've gone far past anger to pure amazement.

Lindow: Stimulus of this nature that leaves one astounded could be beneficial on occasion.
I think I will simply overlook this incident for the mayor's sake.
[NAME], please hold your silence too. Consider it a reward for all the hard work our mayor has done.

[Report on quest.]

[This is your reward: (Refer to the reward section)]
[Your quest report is completed.]


Quest Name Difficulty Ranking Reward
Mayor's Mission Normal ☆☆☆☆☆☆ Grow Shower (0% additional stats)
500 Meseta
Hard ★★★★☆☆☆ Bloom Shower (0% additional stats)
1,000 Meseta
Super ★★★★★☆☆ Bloom Shower (+30 Accuracy Adj.)
2,000 Meseta
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