Mika's Portrait

"An Ancient who dwells within Emilia. A purely spiritual entity, only those who have a unique bond with her can see and hear her.

She has emerged in the present day to stop a plot by the Ancients that threatens the entire Gurhal system.

Mika tries her best to respect Emilia's wishes and works to help her in any way she can."

In-game Description

Mika, the Sun Queen, is a supporting character of Phantasy Star Portable 2. She is also the Queen of all Ancients, with her husband, Kumhan, being the King.

She first appeared in Phantasy Star Portable 2, rescuing Emilia from a Svaltia. Then she explains to the Player and Emilia the causes of the sub-space to destroy the entire Gurhal system, that the "thoughts becoming real" which is the base words for the theory that will be used by Kuhman to incarnate himself and to resurrect the ancients. She was the "final" key to open Maghara, the place of ancients, along with the codex of Kasch, Denes and Rykros.


  • Her scent are Tethis, the flowers that bloom only in their civilization. Spoiler Alert! And planted again in the present by Emilia at the True Ending.


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