Mile in Phantasy Star IV

Mile (Japanese: マイル) is a town on Motavia in Phantasy Star IV: The End of the Millennium. It's a small village famous for its ranch of sand-worms.

After obtaining the Elsydeon, the party can return to Mile to discover that The Edge has killed everyone there by absorbing their energy. As a result, all of the buildings will be blocked off, meaning the shop and the inn will no longer be accessible.


Weapon store Cost Armor store Cost Tool store Cost
DaggerChazHahnSeth 40 Leather helmetChazGryz 80 Monomate 20
Hunter knifeChazHahnSeth 120 Leather crownAlysRikaKyra 90 Antidote 10
Steel swordChaz 280 Leather bandHahnRuneRajaSeth 70
BoomerangAlysKyra 80 Leather shield
SlasherAlysKyra 160

Inn Cost
per party member 10

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