Mind Strength or Mental Strength (abbreviated as "MST") is a stat featured in the Phantasy Star series between Phantasy Star Online and Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity. This is a very important stat for Forces and a significant stat for any character who uses techniques.

This stat was removed and consolidated into the ATK stat from Phantasy Star Online 2 onward.


Mind Strength:

  • Determines the damage dealt with offensive techniques
  • Determines the effectiveness of Resta
  • Determines how much TP a character has
  • Does not affect the following support techniques[1]:
    • Megid
    • Anti
    • Shifta
    • Deband
    • Jellen
    • Zalure

Technique disks and most Force weapons have a MST requirement before they can be used or equipped, respectively. Please note that once a character has learned a technique that requires a certain MST level, that character will retain the technique even if their MST drops to below the required level.

Androids, by default, have 0 MST and cannot learn techniques or equip items with a MST requirement. Any MST bonuses gained by equipping items will not be given.


Wands give a MST bonus when equipped. Some weapons, such as Elysion, also give MST bonuses.

A Mag will contribute 2 points toward MST for each of its MIND levels.

___/Mind units also add MST.

Increasing Mind Strength

MST can be increased through equipping items with MST bonuses, levelling up, or using Mind Materials.

Stats in Phantasy Star Online

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