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Phantasy Star IV: The End of the Millennium







"For you I'll tell you your fortune for free... heh, heh... Ah... No...don't... I...I don't seem to be in good shape today. Come back some other time."
— Mito upon seeing Alys for the first time

Mito is a minor character in Phantasy Star IV: The End of the Millennium. She is a fortune teller that resides in the prosperous town of Aiedo.



Mito is an elderly woman that prefers comfort over fashion. Her gray hair sticks out from underneath a blue bandana, which is tied to the side of her head. Over her body, she has a large, white shawl draped across a black and blue undershirt.


Mito appears to be the resident fortune teller for Aiedo's citizens for a price. Several townspeople seem to be pleased with her skills, calling her the best at her craft. Not one to ignore a person's goodwill, Mito makes sure to thank Alys for assistance with a previous assignment and even offers to tell a simple fortune in her gratitude. When the woman is under extreme pressure, she becomes overwhelmed with nausea and refuses to disclose the source of her suffering to those around her.


The fortune teller is well known around Aiedo and has made a name for herself by accurately seeing many of the citizens' futures or locating objects. Mito makes her first official appearance when Alys visits her house. She offers to foresee the hunter's future for free in gratitude for Alys' help previously. Upon seeing the hunter's fate, Mito suddenly feels sick and refuses to disclose her vision. She decides to close the shop until further notice.

Later, after the confrontation with Zio, Mito learns about Alys' ultimate fate. She is noticeably regretful for not making an effort to prevent such actions to transpire.