Molcum in Phantasy Star IV

Molcum (Japanese: モルカム) is a town on Motavia in Phantasy Star IV: The End of the Millennium. Molcum is a barren town with a destroyed surface. The picture shown from the outside is nothing like the inside.

The place is notable for being Gryz's hometown. The party's first encounter with Rune Walsh is in this ruined village.


Rune molcum

Rune observes the destruction caused by Zio.

Molcum was once a modest Motavian village located south of Zema. Journeymen that passed by would often hear the locals discuss brewing the ancient remedy alshline, a cure for people afflicted with the curse of turning to stone.

The village would soon be mercilessly destroyed by Zio. Several Motavians would lose their lives in their attempt to flee the chaos, some of which include Pana and Gryz' parents. The lucky few that did survive would relocate to a fellow Motavian village located further north named Tonoe. By the time Chaz and Alys come upon Molcum, it would be reduced to a barren wasteland.

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