Namegid is a high-grade Darkness Technique in Phantasy Star Online 2.


Namegid may be obtained in the following ways:

  • Chrome Dragon (Super Hard) (Lv. 10 Disc)
  • Haze Draal


Level T-ATK Required Power Charge Time PP Poison Rate
1 96 2759 5.0 sec 60 20%
10 374 3047 5.0 sec 60 22%
16 470 3239 5.0 sec 60 22%
17 485 3271 5.0 sec 60 22%


Upon activating this Technique, a purple glyph appears on the desired target. As the Tech is charged, this glyph grows. When it reaches maximum charge, the glyph detonates automatically, dealing enormous damage to a target. Releasing the button prior to maximum charge detonates the glyph for less damage.

This Technique is unaffected by reductions to Charge time, and cannot be stored via Charge Escape.

This Technique cannot be used without a target.

Changing targets during casting will reset the cast.

This attack cannot miss.


This Technique has two Crafts: Umbral Namegid and Wide Namegid.

  • Umbral Namegid Lv. 1: Increase Power by 50%~300%. Increase PP consumption by 16~26 PP.
  • Umbral Namegid Lv. 2: Increase Power by 300%~600%. Increase PP consumption by 8~18 PP.
  • Umbral Namegid Lv. 3: Increase Power by 450%~750%. Increase PP consumption by 5~15 PP.
  • Wide Namegid Lv. 1: Increase range by 1~2 meters. Reduce Power by 800%~450%.
  • Wide Namegid Lv. 2: Increase range by 1.1~2.2 meters. Reduce Power by 700%~400%.
  • Wide Namegid Lv. 3: Increase range by 1.5~2.5 meters. Reduce Power by 600%~300%.


Namegid is a costly, single target attack with incredible power. Given a proper Force build and investment into Dark Mastery on Techer, Namegid has the potential to hit for several hundred thousand damage at a time. While this attack isn't particularly useful on fast targets due to the innate pitfalls of charging in combination of its long charge time, using it on immobilized targets is extremely effective.

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