Natsume Shu.

"President of Inhelt Corporation.

The pioneer at the forefront of the subspace theory. Together with his son Shizuru, he dedicated the resources of his company to the development of a subspace generator.

After Shizuru was taken over by Kumhan, the research became more and more focused on reaching the pocket of subspace called Maghara. Since only Shizuru could operate the device, by the time Natsume realized his true intent it was too late."

In-game Description

Natsume Shu was the president of the Inhelt company, as well as the CEO of sub-space theory, he first appeared in Phantasy Star Portable 2, his son is Shizuru Shu, the vessel of Kumhan, the Sun king. His attire can be bought at the costume shop after beating the game, it's called "Natsume Replica" and it costs 150000 meseta.

The Natsume Replica.