Nero bust
Game: Phantasy Star
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Class: Civilian
Hometown: Camineet
"Alis, it's too late for me. Be strong."
— Nero

Nero (Japanese: ネロ) is a character from the original Phantasy Star. He is Alis Landale's brother and the catalyst responsible for beginning the fight to protect Algo from the clutches of Dark Force.



Nero wears a blue, sleeveless shirt with matching blue pants and boots. Over his shirt is a white vest with two golden shoulder plates protruding out the sides. Nero has short, wild dark blue hair with bangs and blue eyes. He has lean body due to his occupation as a spaceport worker.

In his Generation 1 appearance, Nero wears a light blue space suit over a dark blue body suit and matching belt. His gloves and boots are both white. His hair is noticeably more tame in this depiction.


Nero has a selfless personality. Much like his father before him, he attempted to use his job as a spaceport operator to discover the dark secrets behind Lassic's corruption. Unfortunately, he was discovered and mortally wounded on the streets of Camineet.



Nero lived a peaceful life with his sister, Alis, and their father in the city of Camineet. One day, however, their father vanished. Nero got a job as a spaceport worker to support himself and Alis.

Phantasy Star

Ps1 instr04

Alis finds her brother fatally injured on the street.

As Lassic's reign became more tyrannical, Nero began to suspect that the evil king was leading Palma to destruction. He used his job as a cover in an effort to discover the dark secrets the king was hiding. Unable to get far by himself, his cover was blown and he was apprehended by the patrolling Robotcops. They mortally wounded him in the streets of his hometown to make him an example to rebels attempting to defy Lassic.

His sister, Alis Landale, found her blood-soaked brother lying face down on the street. Grief stricken, she held him in her arms and listened to his plea to find a man named Odin. Nero told Alis that, with the two of them working together as a team, they may have a chance. In his final moments, he tells his sister to be brave and then succumbs to his wounds.


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