Nol Rinale
Game: Phantasy Star Online
Species: Newman
Gender: Female
Class: HUnewearl
Section ID: Bluefull

Nol Rinale (Japanese: ノル・リネイル) is a HUnewearl from Phantasy Star Online. She is a minor character featured in both Episodes I and II's storylines.


In Episode I, Nol is a journalist seeking the truth about Ragol in Journalistic Pursuit. She is disgusted with the government keeping secrets from the public, so she enlists a capable hunter from the Hunter's Guild to assist her in her search for answers around the Central Dome. Towards the end of the quest, Nol begins to gain answers to much more than she bargained for and is overcome with fright about the reality of the situation about the fate of Pioneer I. Nol then thanks the player for the help and decides that she has learned enough.


Nol as seen in Episode II.

Nol returns in Episode II as a temporary worker in the Lab under General Chief Natasha Milarose. Her main duty within the facility is attending to hunters' performance logs during hunter exams, as well as enrolling eligible hunters willing to perform investigations for the Lab.

Other Appearances

Nol bbmanga

Nol in the Blue Burst manga

Nol Rinale makes several appearances in the comical Blue Burst manga that ran on the official website until the game's closure. In her major story arc, Lost Planet Savors, she recruits a hunter to help her document her findings on the planet Ragol. She is soon approached by an aggressive Hildebear, which is swiftly defeated before it could hurt the journalist.