The Orga Dyran is a boss enemy encountered in Phantasy Star Portable 2. Orga Dyran itself is a dragon type enemy overrun by the Seed infection and appeared on the subspace out of thin air.

Encountering Orga

The player has a 1 in 50 chance of encountering Orga after completing a mission in which there is no large boss present (ie. said boss lacks an introductory cutscene.) If encountering Orga, one will see a rainbow gate through the final door and named "????", as opposed to a corridor to Clad 6, as normal.

Encountering Orga Dyran is rather daunting to some new players as it can appear in the very early stages of the game. However, it can be defeated as long as a player is able to follow his pattern and use sufficient evasion. Orga Dyran will also often be close in level to the player themselves, offering an even fight.


Orga Dyran's loot can and will differ according to level. Destroying the Orga Dyran is the only way to get a Dyran Slayer sword, one of the items needed to complete the rare weapon registry. The Dyran Slayer will only appear at high levels.


  • It's tail can be sewered, but it will return for a while.
  • Orga appears mostly on the missions "Undersea ruins" and "Sleeping warriors".

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