Psi palma space

Palma as it appeared from space in the first millenium.

Palma (Japanese: パルマ, Paruma), also known as Palm and Parma throughout the series, is the first planet of the Algo star system. Its position relative to the star of Algo gives it a mild climate, very different from the deserts of Motavia and the ice of Dezoris. The people of Palma are called Palmans.

First Millennium

Palma unlabelled quarter

The surface of Palma is it was in the first millennium.

Towns and Villages

Towers, Caves and Dungeons

Notable Inhabitants


Second Millennium

Palm psii

Palm as it appeared before the explosion in the second millennium.

By the second millennium, Palma (renamed 'Palm') has grown to become home to a society of scientists and artists. A place of magnificent architecture, and thinkers and knowledge of all kinds.

In a tragedy that will have profound and (for a long time) unforeseen consequences for the Algo system and its inhabitants, Palma is destroyed in a collision with the artificial satellite Gaira. Several Palmans attempt to escaping in huge domed starships, but most are destroyed. One of these starships is where the events of the 3rd game in the series, Phantasy Star III: Generations of Doom, takes place, while another is encountered in one of the game's endings. A third makes it to Motavia, but remains stranded in orbit for centuries until it's orbit decays, bringing the ship crashing down to the planet's surface.

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