Pan Arms
230px-Pan Arms
Game: PSO Episodes I & II
Location: Caves, VR Spaceship
Attribute: A. Beast
General Rarity: Uncommon
Related Monsters: Hidoom, Migium

Pan Arms is an altered beast residing within the Caves in Episode 1. It is a pseudo crab-like entity composed of two entities named Hidoom and Migium merged together for protection.

When first seen they will be merged together. In this state they shoot red and blue beams that deal minor damage. They do however have a massive defense stat.

Pans arms will also split up, each half now much faster but easier to kill. They will both take turns attacking the player by stabbing with their now open photon arms. The blue colored Migium will cast Zalure upon stabbing the player, while Hidoom, the red colored creature, will use Jellen.



Special Abilities:

  • Splits.
  • Debuffs.

Strategy: use fire, dark or life draining attacks to kill it before it splits (better drops). If it has already split kill the blue half first then focus on the red it will be busy morning the loss of its other half. (if you want the drops but it has already split, leave the room the pan arms will get lonly and merge back together)

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