Psiv pana
Game: Phantasy Star IV:
The End of the Millennium
Race: Motavian
Gender: Female
Hometown: Molcum
"You know, I lived in Molcum. But one day, Zio attacked Molcum. My brother fought valiantly, but... he just wasn't a match for Zio. Both my parents died. My brother and I barely escaped with our lives..."
— Pana explains her family's plight to Chaz

Pana (Japanese: パナ) is a minor character in Phantasy Star IV: The End of the Millennium. She is Gryz' little sister.



Artwork of Pana


Pana is a young Motavian. She has blue fur, large red eyes, flared ears, and a tan muzzle. She wears a traditional yellow Motavian robe with matching shoes and bow. Neatly tied across her stomach is a red cloth.


Pana is very empathetic and has somewhat of a temper. She became emotional in Tonoe when she explained to Chaz about how she and her brother Gryz barely escaped Molcum with their lives from Zio's rampage. When Gryz returns to her after defeating Zio and avenging their parents, she is so taken back with emotion that all she utters to him is, "Oh, big brother..." However, shortly afterward, she gives him a stern scolding for abandoning his duty to protect Algo. Although young, she has a strong desire to be independent. She urges Gryz to return to Chaz and fight, a request that he willingly accepts.


Pana, along with her big brother Gryz, her parents, and Grandfather Dorin, used to live in the small Motavian village of Molcum. However, the town was soon destroyed by Zio. In the chaos, Pana lost her parents and would have died with them had it not been for her brother providing a valiant effort to hold off Zio. Although he was unable to overtake the black magician, he was able to barely escape with his sister and several other survivors to Tonoe.

Pana stayed in a makeshift tent with Dorin and Gryz. Although her brother briefly assists Chaz Ashley in a quest to destroy Zio, he returns to watch over her after he is successful in his mission. Although grateful to see her brother alive and well, she becomes upset that he abandoned his duties to protect Algo for her sake. She urges him to find Chaz and assist in any way that he can, a request he willingly undertakes. After the fighting is finally over, he returns to Pana and the two live out their lives happily from then on.

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