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In Phantasy Star II, Paseo, the capital of the planet Mota, has become a large city. The Central Tower, seat of the Motavian government, lies in the centre of the city with the Commander overseeing operations. Paseo is also the home of Rolf and Nei.

General Information

Being one of the largest cities on Mota, and the starting location of the game, Paseo has a wide range of services that will assist Rolf on his quest. Located directly in the middle of the city is the Central Tower where the Commander awaits news regarding Rolf's current mission; other services found within the tower include a baggage room, the library, and the rooftop.

The baggage room allows Rolf to deposit and withdraw as many key items, consumables, weapons and armor without a fee. The library will provide helpful hints and backstory to further Rolf's mission to solve the mystery of the biomonster outbreak. Once Neifirst is defeated, the roof will become available which allows usage of the spaceship to travel to the planet Dezo.

Other services and buildings available in the city include:

  • Rolf's house
  • Teleport station to Arima, Oputa, Zema, Kueri, Piata for 60 meseta
  • Clone lab
  • Data memory
  • Hospital
Weapon shop Cost Armor shop Cost Tool shop Cost
100 Headgear
120 Monomate 20
DaggerRudoHughKainShir 200 Carbon suit
128 Dimate 60
ScalpelAmyHugh 180 Carbon vestNei 120 Antidote 10
Steel barNei 80 Fiberglass coatRolfRudoHughKain 300 Telepipe 130
Bow gunRolfRudoHughKain 300 Carbon shieldRolfRudoHughKain 540 Escapipe 70
Sonic gunRolfRudoHughKain 640 Carbon emelAmyAnnaShir 420


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