Pelkatobur psz
Game: Phantasy Star Zero
Location: Ozette Wetlands
Attribute: Beast
General Rarity: Rare
Related Monsters: Pelcatraz
"A Pelcatraz variant with a large belly. The belly down is worn down to the skin."
— Bestiary entry in Phantasy Star Zero

Pelcatobur (Japanese: ペルカトブー) is a creature that resides within the Ozette Wetlands. It is the rare form of Pelcatraz.

General Data


Pelcatobur is the rare variant of the typical Pelcatraz. These overweight birds carry the burden of their weight when they fly as they can be observed constantly out of breath and struggling to stay airborne. As a result, Pelcatobur are less agile than their average-sized counterparts.

Pelcatobur's large body is covered in flesh-colored down. Atop its head in between its small eyes is an ornate crest that begins in a dark grey color that is the same as its beak, turns orange, and ends in yellow. Its beak is long and serrated, which allows the duck-like bird to catch prey without worry that their meal will escape. Its dark, webbed feet each have three forward facing toes.

As mentioned, Pelcatobur is an overweight avian. As a result, purple, fleshy lumps have begun to burst out from underneath the down. These can be seen on its belly and its wings. Other consequences include a reduced wing span, stubby tail, and a grotesquely enlarged wattle hanging from the bird's neck.

Activity Patterns

Pelcatobur, similar to its normal counterpart, can prove to be one of the most dangerous enemies in the Ozette Wetlands. These enemies have the advantage of flight, so they can fly into a part of the map that could be inaccessible to those using melee weapons. Having a ranger or a force in the party would help greatly when dealing with these.

Pelcatobur is slightly slower than a Pelcatraz due to its overweight body. Although they both have the same attacks, Pelcatobur has increased attack power. As a trade off for more strength, the overweight bird has lower defense than the average Pelcatraz.

Pelcatobur has two types of attacks, the first being a tail sweep which creates a frontal shock wave that can travel a few feet from it which can knock low level players off their feet. They also have an attack that involves them doing an upwards spiral attack which can do a great amount of damage.

Monster stats

Normal Hard Super Hard
HP 811 1701 3226
MAX MELEE 290 656 1321
MIN MELEE 281 638 1298
DFP 0 0 0
MAX MAGIC 119 303 666
MIN MAGIC 81 280 641
ATA 210 330 370
EVP 2 340 470
END 20 40 60
LUCK 30 40 50
EXP 99 1002 1764
DEF X 1 1 1
DODGE X 1 1 1
ATK RESIST 50 60 70
EFR 0 0 20
EIC 20 20 60
ETH 0 0 20
ELT 30 30 80
EDK 30 30 80
SPEED 1 1.05 1.1

Item Drops

Normal Claymore
Ray Staff
Hard Ace/Hit
Caster Broom
Super Hard Asclepios
Caster Broom


Ozette Wetlands Hostiles
Normal Enemies: Porel | Pomarr | Vespao | Hypao | Pelcatraz | Pelcatobur

Special Enemies: Rappy | Booma Origin | Gigobooma Origin Boss: Octo Diablo

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