PSO2 - On Stage -
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Phantasy Star Online 2 - On Stage - is a stage play released by SEGA for the Phantasy Star series' 15th anniversary.


Pso2 stage actors

The stage play cast

Character Actor
Takuya Shouta Aoi
Yumi Emi Nitta
Milla Koharu Kusumi
Ichinose Kazuhiko Inoue
Reiko Kikuko Inoue
Akira Katsuyuki Konishi
Kaede Remi Shirahana
Tanaka Hiroki Takahashi
Yūta Yūya Miyagaki
R Mika Kikuchi
Alice☆ミ Arisa Komiya
†Kazu† Orakio
KaNaTa Hayashi Akihiro
PSO2 Broadcasting Station member Atsuko Enomoto
PSO2 Broadcasting Station member Ichitarō Ai


Pso2 stage story




Pso2 stage codes
Included with the DVD are item codes which can be redeemed for ingame items in Phantasy Star Online 2 via the visiphone. The items include:
  • Costumes and Camos
    1. Star Coast Academy M Uniform
    2. Star Coast Academy M Uniform C
    3. Star Coast Academy F Uniform
    4. Star Coast Academy F Uniform C
    5. *Star Quasar
  • Player character voice change tickets
    1. Male [EX] Voice D01
    2. Male [EX] Voice D02
    3. Male [EX] Voice D03
    4. Male C [EX] Voice D01
    5. Male C [EX] Voice D02
    6. Male C [EX] Voice D03
    7. Female [EX] Voice D01
    8. Female [EX] Voice D02
    9. Female [EX] Voice D03
    10. Female C [EX] Voice D01
    11. Female C [EX] Voice D02
    12. Female C [EX] Voice D03




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