These are the bosses of Phantasy Star Portable 2

De ragan

De Ragan- Large Ragan breed. Comes to the surface to feed

Zoal goug

Zoal Goug- Large Goug breed. Incredible hearing and smell. Feeds on Ollaka

Bil de golus

Bil De Golus- Large Golus variant. It's four horns resemble a Bil De breed

De ragnus

De Ragnus- Large creature that dwells in relic sites. De Ragan variant


Alterazgohg- Strongest Goug breed in Gurhal, born of experimentation


Dragon- A creature recreated in VRsimulation from Rykros records. It appears similar to the Ragan breed.


Onmagoug- Large Goug breed. Acoompanied by Tengohg. Mighty arms


Dimmagolus- Large Golus breed. Can manipulate weather. Likes to eat Lunga

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