In PS0 (PSZ) There will be the same classes from Phantasy Star Online, only with two new classes. The HUmarl and HUnewm.

Hunter (HU)

HUcaseal - Female CAST.
HUcast - Male CAST.
HUmar - Male human (Character shown in opening). Kai is one of these.
HUmarl - Female human.
HUnewm - Male newman. Reve is one of these.
HUnewearl - Female newman.

Hunters are the physical class of Phantasy Star Zero. Any species can be a Hunter. While Hunters specialize in close-range combat, they can still learn a handful of techniques to help in combat, with the obvious exceptions of the HUcasts and HUcaseals. Hunters tend to use Swords, Sabers, Spears, Shields, Gunblades and Claws, although they are capable of using other weapon types.

Ranger (RA)

RAcast - Male CAST. Ogi is one of these with both of his bodies.
RAcaseal - Female CAST.
RAmar - Male human.
RAmarl - Female human.

Rangers are the ranged class in Phantasy Star Zero. Humans and CASTs can become Rangers, but newmans cannot. Like the Hunters, Rangers (barring RAcasts and RAcaseals) can learn a limited number of techniques to help vanquish their foes, but they are not as adept at using them as the Forces. Rangers tend to use Pistols, Cannons, Bazookas, Machine Guns, and other artillery weapons, including Gunblades.

Forces (FO)

FOmar - Male human.
FOmarl - Female human.
FOnewm - Male newman.
FOnewearl - Female newman. Sarisa is one of these.

Forces are the technique users in Phantasy Star Zero. Instead of direct combat, Forces utilize a wide arsenal of techniques to defeat their foes or power themselves up. Because of their inability to use techniques, CASTs cannot become Forces. Forces tend to use Wands and Rods to fight their foes and power up their techniques, although they are still able to use other weapons.


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