Pb pilla strikes

Pilla, summoned by the player, unleashing a photon blast

A Photon Blast, commonly abbreviated PB, is a recurring element in the Phantasy Star series. They were introduced in Phantasy Star Online as special attacks that mags can perform when their Blast Gauge becomes fully charged.

Phantasy Star Online

In Phantasy Star Online, a mag can utilize up to 3 different photon blasts on its attack palette when it levels up to level 10, level 35 and level 50. The type of photon blast obtained by each specific level is determined by what the mag evolves into.

Of the 6 available photon blasts in the game, each one can be either powered up by members of the party when they donate PB strength or by performing a PB chain. Each member will be marked with a number that will determine when their PB will be unleashed on the enemy if they decide to chain. Everyone in the chain as well as those who donated will obtain the benefits of the blast.

Image Name Attack description Available to Mags...
Myllayoulla art Mylla and Youlla Powers up initiator and donors with Shifta and Deband.
Revives incapacitated members that donated PB.
Ila, Kabanda, Kaitabha, Madhu, Naga, Namuci, Tapas, Vayu
Golla art Golla Unleashes an attack on the enemy directly in front of the initiator. Kumara, Naraka, Rudra, Sumba, Surya, Ushasu, Varaha, Yaksa
Pilla art Pilla Unleashes a barrage from the heavens on all enemies surrounding the initiator. Ashvinau, Bhirava, Garuda, Kama, Marica, Marutah, Mitra, Sita
Estlla art Estlla Attacks all enemies in a line directly in front of the initiator. Andhaka, Apsaras, Bana, Durga, Kalki, Nandin, Soma
Leilla art Leilla Restores HP and cures all status abnormalities on the initiator and those that have chained or donated PB.
Revives incapacitated members that donated PB.
Farlla art Farlla Unleashes a ring of fire and attacks all enemies surrounding the initiator. Ravana, Ribhava, Varuna

Phantasy Star Zero

There are 4 photon blasts in Phantasy Star Zero. Every mag has the potential to develop a single photon blast when it evolves with the exception of the starter mag and final evolution mags that were evolved with rare item souls.

Each photon blast becomes more powerful if the player chains the blast with those of the other members of the party. Each person that participates in the chain will gain the benefits of the first photon blast that was summoned.

Image Name Attack description Available to Mags...
Flozir c1 Flozir 1 chain: Unlimited PP for both techniques and Photon Arts
2 chain: Charging time reduced by 50%
3 chain: Every attack is a critical hit
4 chain: Invulnerable and all status ailments cured

Effect lasts between 20 and 40 seconds depending on chain
Ingh, Aiolo, Niid, Chato (Colored Body), Larg, Sig (White Body)
Granir c1 Granir Unleashes an attack directly in front of the PB initiator that can cause instant death on the target.

Chance increases for each additional PB chain
Yul, Peoth, Thohn, Ansul, Chato (Black Body), Tyrna
Midgul c1 Midgul Powers up allies that contribute to the chain with Shifta and Deband. Weakens enemies with Jellen and Zalure.

Power increases for each additional PB chain
Aio, Deegh, Maray, Feo, Hagal, Urado
Pacifal c1 Pacifal Unleashes a powerful attack on all enemies surrounding the PB initiator. Attack has a chance of paralyzing enemies.

Chance of paralysis and ailment duration increases depending on chain
Yth, Othel, Teroo, Beork, Sig (Colored Body), Wyn

Phantasy Star Online 2

Photon Blasts return as a special attack performed by mags. In this game, Blasts are similar in function to their Zero counterpart, in which mags can develop a single Photon Blast upon evolving at Levels 30, 50, and 100. However, Photon Blasts are not explicitly set in stone; by purchasing PB Devices with Excubes at the Excube Exchange Shop, you can change the Photon Blast that your mag knows. This is the only way to acquire the Illios Series Photon Blasts.

When activated, the player poses with a hand outstretched into the air while a ring of light expands around them. By holding the Blast hotkey, this pose may be maintained for up to 10 seconds, during which the player is invulnerable. If you summon your own Blast while another player is activating theirs, and the fields overlap, a Blast Chain will be initiated. A Blast Chain extends the duration of all Photon Blasts summoned by all players affected by the Chain. The duration extension depends on the number of players participating in the Chain. Only the leading player may initiate the Photon Blast in a Blast Chain.

Certain effects can improve Photon Blasts, such as the Summoner's PB Advance Skill.

There are nine Photon Blasts, divided into four major categories.


Image Name Effect Learned by...
ヘリクス・プロイ Helix Proi Charge up Photons, then ram a target, impaling it. Blast Chains increase the number of attacks performed. Lyra, Delphinus
ヘリクス・イメラ Helix Imera Charge up Photons, then unleash a powerful electric blast that covers a widespread area. Cygnus
ヘリクス・ニフタ Helix Nifta Unleashes a storm of horn strikes, then tramples its target with mighty hooves. Libra


Image Name Effect Learned by...
アイアス・プロイ Ajax Proi Assault enemies with a hailstorm of explosive bullets. Fornax, Cepheus
アイアス・イメラ Ajax Imera Fires a massive laser from its head that rains from the sky and decimates a set area of effect. Tucana
アイアス・ニフタ Ajax Nifta Scatter wings that transform into bullets that seek and destroy enemies. Calem


Image Name Effect Learned by...
ケートス・プロイ Ketos Proi Summon a field around the casting player that rapidly accelerates PP regeneration. Lepus, Monoceros
ケートス・イメラ Ketos Imera Fire a massive laser at enemy targets, vaporizing them. Carina
ケートス・ニフタ Ketos Nifta Flies around independently, destroying enemies with lightning bolts it leaves behind. Orion


Image Name Effect Learned by...
ユリウス・プロイ Julius Proi Warps to a desired target and assaults it with a flurry of arm-based strikes. Antila, Crux, Leo
ユリウス・イメラ Julius Imera Impales an enemy with its horn to decimate it. Corvus
ユリウス・ニフタ Julius Nifta Generates a field with an extremely powerful vacuum effect. After a period of time, the field implodes, destroying enemies caught within. Apus


Image Name Effect
イリオス・プロイ Illios Proi Summons Illios, a sword-wielding humanoid beast. When the player strikes a target, Illios attacks with powerful sword slashes.
イリオス・イメラ Illios Imera Summons Illios, a sword-wielding humanoid beast. When the player strikes a target, Illios fires sword beams at the enemy.
イリオス・ニフタ Illios Nifta Summons Illios, a sword-wielding humanoid beast. When the player strikes a target, Illios deploys a powerful field at the enemy's position that deals damage over time.

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