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Piata is the fifth city reached in Phantasy Star II, and the last town found on Mota. The biomonsters around Piata are the strongest found on the surface of the planet. After Piata has been visited, Shir will join the party.

General Information

Piata is the final city visited on Mota. It was once known as Mota's space city, renowned for its spaceport and abundance of pilots. However, after the accident that occurred 10 years prior to the events of Phantasy Star II, all space related activities became forbidden by the Mother Brain.

Located to the west of town are three control towers that link the city directly to the Mother Brain. Although they are inaccessible upon first visiting the city, they become an important plot point later in the game.

Services available in this city include:

  • Teleport station to Paseo, Arima, Oputa, Zema, Kueri for 60 meseta
  • Clone lab
  • Data memory
  • Hospital
Weapon shop Cost Armor shop Cost Tool shop Cost
Laser SwordRolf 5400 Silver CrownAmyAnnaShir 470 Monomate 20
Laser BarNei 3100 Jewel RibbonNei 4700 Dimate 60
AcidshotAmyHugh 4800 Ceramic ArmorRudoKain 11700 Antidote 10
VulcanRudo 12600 Ceramic CapeAmyAnnaShir 12400 Telepipe 130
Laser ShotRudoKain 6200 Ceramic ChestRolfHugh 10000 Escapipe 70
Laser CannonRudo 20000 Long BootsAnna 6800
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