Unmanned probe discovers Ragol.

The "Pioneer Project" - A plan born of desperation, conceived in response to imminent destruction of their home worlds.

The Pioneer Project is an at least seven year long program to search and find a new hospitable world for the players home world of Coral to colonize. It began by sending out unmanned probes into space to search for a world they could colonize. It discovered Ragol as a perfect place and sent word back to the home planet to begin the colonization project by sending over Pioneer I. Seven years after Pioneer I created the first colony on the surface, Pioneer II set out to join them on the surface. However, after a mysterious explosion, Pioneer II was forced to remain in orbit until further notice.

About 20 years later, Pioneer II gains independence from it's home planet, so it's assumed that the Pioneer Project was either canceled or continued by searching for new planet to colonize.

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