Porel psz
Game: Phantasy Star Zero
Location: Ozette Wetlands
Attribute: Native
General Rarity: Common
Related Monsters: Pomarr / Pobomma
"Native to wetlands, this enemy moves by bouncing its slimy body."
— Bestiary entry in Phantasy Star Zero

Porel (Japanese: ポエル) is a small amphibian creature residing in the Ozette Wetlands.

General Data


This funny-eared amphibian populates the entire wetlands, seen in groups of up to five, both species confounded. Porels move around and attack rather slowly (probably offset by poor eyesight), making them especially vulnerable. They also have a very distinct croaking.

Hopping into Hunters is hardly hurtful, but the purple blobs of venom they spit at you will partially ignore armor (not to mention that they can poison you, if by any means you doubted it). Porel's main weakness is their slow reaction speed, so hit them fast and hard.

Monster stats

Normal Hard Super Hard
HP 78 478 894
MAX MELEE 128 345 763
MIN MELEE 118 317 733
DFP 2 30 97
MAX MAGIC 88 258 482
MIN MAGIC 69 239 461
ATA 240 310 380
EVP 30 280 500
END 1 5 10
LUCK 5 10 20
EXP 4 88 115
DEF X 1 1 1
DODGE X 1 1 1
ATK RESIST 20 30 40
EFR 0 0 20
EIC 0 0 20
ETH 0 0 20
ELT 10 10 40
EDK 20 20 50
SPEED 1 1.05 1.1

Item Drops

Normal Ray Bangle
Clear Cane
Hard Egalta
Ray Fin
Star Slicer
Super Hard Egalta
Star Slicer
Kouga Shuriken


"Native to wetlands, this enemy moves by bouncing its slimy body."
— Bestiary entry in Phantasy Star Zero
"Vivid colors in creatures oft warn of poison. So it is for Porel and Pomarr."
— LMA Report 08
"Hit them fast and hard!"


Ozette Wetlands Hostiles
Normal Enemies: Porel | Pomarr | Vespao | Hypao | Pelcatraz | Pelcatobur

Special Enemies: Rappy | Booma Origin | Gigobooma Origin Boss: Octo Diablo

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