Raja portrait
Game: Phantasy Star IV:
The End of the Millennium
Race: Dezolian
Gender: Male
Class: Priest
"I want to go and see all the famous places... I'd better hurry and clean everything up! How about it? If you take me you won't have a moment of boredom! Ha, ha, ha!"
— Raja arguing his case to join Chaz

Raja (Japanese: ス・ラジャ, "Su Raja") is a playable character in Phantasy Star IV: The End of the Millennium. He is a Dezorian priest. He loves jokes. Raja joins when the Emergency Shuttle from Nurvus crashes in Raja's Temple. He has a good friend, Gyuna, in the following town up north of the temple.

Raja is one of the physically weakest characters, but he is by far the best healer in the game. He is the only character to have access to every healing technique in the game (including Rever and Regen, which revive a party member from Near Death status), as well as the only Skill that can restore technique points, Ataraxia. He can equip staff-type weapons, but most players find it more efficient to equip him with two shields instead.  

Raja finds himself hilarious. He enjoys drinking, telling obnoxiously bad jokes, and generally being a crusty old goof-off, but he's actually a very skilled, very knowledgeable, and very experienced priest, with a strong connection to the spiritual energy of Algo. According to Gyuna, his superiors reassigned him to a small, unimportant temple in the middle of nowhere (although it marks the first place the party lands, it's very close to two small villages, and is cut off by ice walls from everywhere else) out of jealousy.  

He bargains with Chaz and company to let him come along on their journey in exchange for providing them with a spaceship that can carry them to Kuran after their shuttle is sabotaged. Although he repeatedly insists that the deadly blizzard on Dezolis is being caused by the presence of Garuberk Tower, none of the others pay any attention until after it is confirmed that the environmental control systems, though in decline all over the solar system, are not causing the problem.  

He succumbs to the Black Wave in Meese, and remains bedridden until the end of the game, when he recovers and returns for the final battle. This also gives him the distinction of being the only character in the entire game who was afflicted with the Black Energy Wave disease and not only survived, but managed to fully recover (though having Kyra, a talented Esper and healer herself, may have helped him along).  

Choosing Raja for the final encounter with the Profound Darkness is considered the easiest (and wisest) option, as his party-wide healing abilities by that point are extremely valuable, and equipping him with two shields provides much-needed party defense.  

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