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Game: Phantasy Star Zero, Phantasy Star Portable 2
Location: Gurhacia Valley / Ozette Wetlands / Rioh Snowfield
Attribute: Native
General Rarity: Rare
Related Monsters: Ar Rappy Rab Rappy

Rappy is a rare creature that may appear in most areas under special circumstances.


"A native creature adored by people from long ago. It is said to bring luck."

General Data

Rappies are rare creatures, making appearances in the first three areas. A rodeo style music will play upon encountering them, which makes it all more exciting to discover. Rappies are quite timid and cowardly, but will respond with pecks if approached (although they aren't much of a dangerous threat). As you would expect from this iconic species, they will play dead upon defeat and make a run for it after a while.

Keep a close eye on them, as they get up and flee very swiftly. If you hit one while it's running away (and not while it's getting up), it may drop one of the following items:

-Rappy Soul
-PA Save
-Tech Save

In any case, Photon Drops might constitute the reward.

Phantasy Star Portable 2

Rappies did not make a full appearance as a creature in Phantasy Star Portable 2, but it had subspecies, Rappy
Sand Rappy
Last SurvivorAdded by Last Survivor
Rappy Polec
Last SurvivorAdded by Last Survivor
Polec,Sand Rappy, and Rappy Gugg. There is also a Dual saber recognizing two Rappies, called Rappy Tippies, in exchange for 5 Blood moon Spellstones, as well as for a saber called Rappy Tip and a slicer called Rappy fan on the Secret pub trade mission. There is also a Costume called Rappy costume that is unlockable at the Secret pub too for 9 Irisista Spellstones. And lastly there is a Armor called Rabol Rappy, still on the Secret Pub, for 13 Blood moon Spellstones.


Phantasy Star Zero

Sarisa: So cute!
Kai: I hate dealing with those.

Phantasy Star Portable 2

Emilia (Psp2): Aw, so cute, do we really have to do this?, They're cute, so I could forgive them.

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