Ray Blade Skill

Chaz using Ray Blade

Ray Blade
(Japanese: レイブレード), abbreviated Rayblade, is a skill used by Chaz in Phantasy Star IV: The End of the Millennium. It deals ray damage to a single enemy equal to 176 plus Chaz's mental stat, modified by the enemy's energy sensitivity and mental defense stat. Blade Monsters, Saber Warriors, Dark Force's Priests, Centaurs, Ghosts, flying horrors, Sorcerer Minions, zombies, Skull Monsters, Axe Minions, and enemies in the Air Castle, Garuberk Tower, and The Edge are especially sensitive to light damage.

Ray blade can be combined with Hahn's astral skill in any order to do a Paradin Blow combo.

Chaz learns Ray Blade at level 27, and must be equipped with a sword or dagger to use it.

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