Rudolph Steiner
Rudo art
Game: Phantasy Star II
Phantasy Star II Text Adventures
Phantasy Star Generation 2
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Hometown: Arima

Rudolph Steiner (Japanese: ルドガー・シュタイナー, "Rudger Steiner"), usually referred to as Rudo, is a playable character in Phantasy Star 2. He is the first of the six optional party members at that game to join Rolf and Nei.


Rudo was originally a member of the Algo army who eventually married with a daughter during his services. When the Biomonster outbreak occurred on Mota, both his wife and child perished in an attack. Rudo swore to avenge them; thus, he retired from military duty, becoming a hunter in dedication to their murder, as well as a mercenary.

Upon hearing of Rolf's investigation of the biomonster outbreak, he joined up with him and Nei, whom he met few years ago, shortly after they arrived in Arima. The three went into the Nido Tower, where they came upon a kidnapped young girl, Teim, but only to later witness the reunion of her and another hunter who was revealed to be her father, Darum, end in murder and suicide. 

After destroying Dark Force and Mother Brain, he engaged the selfish and greedy earthmen in battle, shouting that he would make them see how it felt to lose something they loved. His status after the battle is unknown.

Along with every other character, Rudo made a cameo appearance in Phantasy Star 4.


Rudo is a very committed yet compassionate individual. While he was serious and valiant as a member of the Algo forces, he is also loving, especially as a father himself, and as such when his family was murdered in an biomonster incident which led to his dedication in becoming a hunter. Despite having no use of techniques, his strong marksmanship skills makes him an invaluable asset to Rolf and his team.


Max HP
Max TP

Rudo is not proficient with techniques, but skilled with a gun. His strength allows him to carry the strongest of guns and the heaviest armor, which makes him an ideal party leader or an optional second-in-command. He has the highest number of hit points of any character in the game, largely due to his lack of use of magic.


Rudo gains the most HP and defense of the playable characters, making him good at withstanding physical attacks. However, he doesn't know any techniques, so therefore doesn't gain TP.

Other Appearances

Phantasy Star II

Rudo on a gamebook

Phantasy Star II Adventure Book

Of the three adventure titles published by Futabasha for the Phantasy Star original classics, one of them was a choose your own adventure story about Phantasy Star II. Featured on the cover is Rolf and his party in slightly modified costumes.

Depending on the reader's choices, the ending and situations Rudo finds himself in could change drastically from the events of the video game. The game books were only published in Japan.


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