PSII ryuon
Ryuon is one of the three final towns reached in Phantasy Star II, and possibly the third town found on the planet Dezo. Rolf gains access to this town after boarding the Paseo spaceship and successfully navigating through the maze-like Skure spaceport. Ryuon is the closest residential area to the dungeon, Guaron.

General Information

Ryuon is a large town located to the southeast of Dezo. After obtaining the aeroprism from the beautiful man in the Esper Mansion, the dungeon north of this town, Guaron, becomes accessible.

Services available in this location include:

  • Teleport station to Skure, Zosa, Aukba
  • Clone lab
  • Data memory
  • Hospital
Weapon shop Cost Armor shop Cost Tool shop Cost
100 RibbonNei 80 Trimate 160
Laser SlasherAnna 6700 LaconinishRudoKain 35000 Escapipe 70
Laconian DaggerKainShir 18400 Laconian ChestRolfHugh 28000
Laconian SwordRolf 22000 Garda BootsRolfRudoHughKain 12400
VulcanRudo 12600 Laconian EmelAmyAnnaShir 12000
Laser CannonRudo 20000 Laconian ShieldRudoHughKain 13000
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