SEGAROCKS Live in Japan
Segarocks cover
Record label: Wave Master


Released: December 15, 2004
Length: 50:12

The SEGAROCKS Live in Japan soundtrack, published by Wave Master Entertainment, is a compilation album featuring rock covers of various themes from different Sega franchises, including Phantasy Star. The video games featured in this album, each having one song dedicated to its respective game, include Sega Rally, Burning Rangers, Phantasy Star III, Clockwork Knight, Phantasy Star IV, Sonic Boom (arcade), Aa Harimanada, a theme from the Saturn CM, Victory Goal '96, Daytona USA, and Segagaga. Also included alongside the soundtrack CD is a bonus DVD showcasing select songs and interviews from members of the live concert.

CD Tracklist

No Title Music Length
1. GO! GO! セガラリー Tatsuhiko Fuyuno 4:18
2. BURNING HEARTS〜炎のAngel〜 Naofumi Hataya 4:23
3. ファンタシースターIIIメインテーマ Izuho Takeuchi 3:58
4. A Lullaby Hirofumi Murasaki 4:07
5. The End of the Millennium Izuho Takeuchi 6:03
6. ネームレジスト N/A 7:12
7. 播磨体操第一 Hirofumi Murasaki, Morihiko Akiyama, Masayuki Nagao 3:56
8. セガサターン、シロ! Fumio Okui 3:32
9. 未来へと続く空 Jun Senoue 4:52
10. Let's Go Away Takenobu Mitsuyoshi 4:02
11. セガガガ・マーチ Tsuyoshi Kaneko 3:49

Bonus DVD Tracklist

No Title
1. メンバーインタビュー
2. GO! GO! セガラリー
3. セガサターン、シロ!
4. MC集
5. セガガガ・マーチ

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