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Sarisa is a character of Phantasy Star Zero


"Born from the forgotten race, very gentle, very inquisitive, does not hide her joyful emotions. Her eyes sparkled the first time she descended from the moon."


Sarisa is a newman sent to investagate the humans. She knocks 'you' unconscious when she arives in a pod of some sort. Soon afterward, you help her fight a dragon. She thanks you and goes back to the city with you. The mayor meets her and she joins the Hunters. Later, 'you', Kai, and Sarisa fight Captain Reve when Reve finds out Sarisa isn't doing what her mission was intended for. Sarisa responds by saying humans aren't maggots or scum, which is what Reve thinks, especially maggots ;(. Sarisa helps 'you defeat Reve again later, and also Mother Trinity. Sarisa usally is the one who heals is HP is low for at least one person. She has a mag, which is revealed in a side quest. She is a FOnewearl.

In the game

Human Story

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Newman Story


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