Savage Wolf
Game: PSO Episodes I & II
Location: Forest 1, Forest 2, VR Spaceship Alpha, VR Spaceship Beta
Attribute: Native
General Rarity: Common
Related Monsters: Barbarous Wolf

The Savage Wolf is a monster native to the Forest Area. It is a wolf-like beast that tends to travel in packs led by the Barbarous Wolf.

In Ultimate, Savage Wolf packs are replaced by the Gulgus.

General Data

Savage Wolves more or less resemble generic wolves in that they have four legs, body fur, and a sharp, angular face with distinctive snout, long ears, and a powerful jaw. Savage Wolves also sport blue plates along their legs, and a line of light ridges starting between their eyes and tapering down to the tip of their tails.

Savage Wolves often appear in packs and rarely attack players outright; rather, they will choose to circle their target, waiting for the right moment to pounce. Generally this occurs when the Wolf is directly behind a player, but sometimes they will attack if their target is facing them.

This reluctance to attack makes them somewhat easy targets. They are weak to Foie spells and most conventional weapons are effective against them. If a Barbarous Wolf is killed, any nearby Savage Wolves will howl mournfully and cast Jellen and Zalure on themselves.

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