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Phantasy Star IV: The End of the Millennium







Saya (Japanese: サーヤ) is a minor character in Phantasy Star IV: The End of the Millennium. She is a schoolteacher residing in the small town of Krup, and also happens to be Hahn Mahlay's fiancée.



Saya is a young woman of average height. She has long, curly blue hair that reaches just below her shoulders. Saya is typically seen wearing a pink, button-up dress with green shoes.


Saya is a cheerful schoolteacher that captivates her young students with her enthusiasm for teaching. She is also shown to be very endearing to her fiancé, as she is quick to greet him when he visits her at her home during the beginning of the game and thanks the hunters for looking after him. Before Hahn leaves, the two briefly kiss. On her bookshelf, she has several educational and self-help books. As Chaz quickly browses the collection, he finds a book titled "How to Love and To Be Loved."

The young lady is also very kind. When Alys became mortally wounded by Zio's black energy wave, Saya is quick to accept the hunter into her home and care for her despite Alys exploiting her fiancé's wedding fund.

At times, Saya is shown to be hard on herself. When Chaz learns about her profession and expresses how impressed he is, she is quick to mention that teaching is the only skill that she is capable of doing.