Scape Dolls (Japanese: スケープドール) are a rare restorative item introduced in Phantasy Star Online. They revive a downed player to full HP.

Phantasy Star Online

A Scape Doll is an item found occasionally in various containers across Ragol or dropped from the various bosses. It can not be bought from the merchant on Pioneer II. If a player dies while in possiesson of a Scape Doll, he or she is automatically revived with full health and magic. In challenge mode, each player is given one Scape Doll to start off with. The item is a play on the word Scapegoat, a term used when something is sacrificed to create a diversion.

Phantasy Star Online 2

Scape doll pso2id

Scape Dolls can be purchased from the AC Shop for 500 AC (¥500). They cannot be obtained through normal means.

Upon being incapacitated, you will be given the option to use a Scape Doll to revive to full health instead of returning to the Campship, if one is in your inventory. Using a Scape Doll does not count as an Incapacitation for Ranking, and enables you to continue in Quests where returning to the Campship fails the Quest.

Half Doll

Half doll pso2id

A counterpart to the Scape Doll is the Half Doll (Japanese: ハーフドール), which appears identical, but has a blue color. They can be purchased from the AC Shop in bulk, but are also given as Login Rewards and as event bonuses.

Half Dolls are identical in function to the Scape Doll, but will only revive you to half HP, as with a Moon Atomizer.

Phantasy Star Nova

Scape Dolls are crafted items that can be made at the Item Counter. They are among the first items available to the player for crafting. Players may hold up to 10 Scape Dolls at once.

Upon being incapacitated, you will be given the option to use a Scape Doll to revive to full health to continue the mission. If you choose not to continue or you run out of Scape Dolls, and an allied player has no Moon Atomizers, you will be forced to forfeit the mission.

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