Shir Gold
Shir art1
Game: Phantasy Star II
Phantasy Star II Text Adventures
Phantasy Star Generation 2
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Hometown: Piata

Shir Gold (Japanese: シルカ・レビニア, "Shilka Levinia") is one of the playable characters in Phantasy Star 2. She is the last to join the party after the final city on Mota, Piata, has been visited by Rolf.


Shir was born into a wealthy and well-to-do family in Motavia. She was blessed with the best education and had everything she could have desired, but wanted to seek adventure since she was provided little of it in her life, leading her to become a thief. One of her escapades involved around stealing a very important painting called "Opa-Opa" (a reference to Fantasy Zone).

She eventually finds Rolf, a government agent in Paseo, the capital city of Mota, and decides to assist him in his adventure. After encountering the earthmen in the game's ending, she decided that she would not accept any fate, instead she would control her own future.


Shir is a very useful member of the player's party, since she has a knack for getting certain items that are otherwise impossible to obtain, including a visiphone, which can be used for a saving process at any place (she must be at level 10 or above to do this). She and Amy are the only characters to sport a neicape, and is one of the two characters (with Anna being the other) to wear the shuneboots. Shir is also fast and can use small weapons, like knives and daggers, when in battle.

Other Appearances

Phantasy Star II

Phantasy Star II gamebook

Phantasy Star II Adventure Book

Of the three adventure titles published by Futabasha for the Phantasy Star original classics, one of them was a choose your own adventure story about Phantasy Star II. Featured on the cover is Rolf and his party in slightly modified costumes.

Depending on the reader's choices, the ending and situations Shir finds herself in could change drastically from the events of the video game. The game books were only published in Japan.


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