Shizuru Shu.

"Son of Natsume Shu, president of Inhelt Corporation. His body has been taken over by Kumhan, Sun King of the Ancients.

From a young age, he showed great promise. He applied his prodigious abilities of calculation and analysis to his father's research.

His behavior first began to change after coming in contact with subspace during an experiment."

In-game Description

Shizuru Shu was the son of Natsume Shu, the CEO of the sub-space theory. He was possessed by Kumhan, The Sun King of the Ancients who planned to re-open Maghara again to awaken the sleeping Ancients and allow them to possess the bodies of the current denizens of the Gurhal System. His calculation abilities are similar to Emilia's. His signature weapons are the Rengo
Rengokuto Ensa

Rengokuto Ensa, Shizuru's Signature weapon.

kuto Ensa (which he sometimes drops after fighting him in Hard Mode in Story Mode or beating him in certain Japanese Downloadable Missions) and Rengokuto Gren (which can be acquired the same way), both of them are S rank weapons, and equipable at level 70 for Rengokuto Ensa and 110 for Rengokuto Gren. His attire may be unlocked too, called "Shizuru Replica", buy purchasing it at the cost of 200000 meseta after finishing the game.

You can get his partner card at the end only if you get the True Ending.


He wears the Shu warrior coat, with Rengokuto Ensa, and a white ponytailed spiky hair, his element is dark,


The Shizuru Replica.

yet unknown why his armor color was red.