Soul Banish (Japanese: ソウルバニッシュ) is a recurring weapon in the Phantasy Star franchise.

General Information

The Soul Banish is an evil scythe said to devour all souls that are foolish enough to wield it. It not only targets the host's mind, but also gradually withers the body.

This partizan is very similar in appearance to the Soul Eater in most incarnations. The pole is solid red with a needle-pointed bottom. The blade is typically either a light gray or bright red color. There is a jewel embedding near the top of the pole connected to the blade that resembles an eye, the color of which is either green and blue.

Phantasy Star Online

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Soul eater id

Soul Banish was a rare partisan in the original Phantasy Star Online that could be equipped by most characters, assuming the 850 attack power requirement was met. Kireek, an intimidating android aboard Pioneer 2, was frequently seen wielding this scythe along with the Soul Eater.

This weapon had the unique ability to launch Megid orbs at the cost of several hit points per use. Additionally, it would also slowly drain the user's HP over time as long as it was equipped.

Phantasy Star Online Episode III C.A.R.D. Revolution

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Pso ep3 soul banish

Although the game's resources contained artwork and stats for Soul Banish, it was not legitimately obtainable in the final retail version of Phantasy Star Online Episode III. Its game data listed the weapon as a sword-type weapon that was only equippable by Hunters, with the exception of Rangers and FOnewearls.

Soul Banish would have had three abilities, all of which make a reference to the evil scythe's infamous reputation. Before each of the card owner's turns, Steady Damage would have made the story character that equipped this card lose 1 HP. Exhaust would have made the weapon itself lose 1 HP for each time it attacked. Finally, Instant Death would have instantly destroyed its non-story character opponent after a successful physical attack if a 5 or higher was rolled.

Phantasy Star Online 2

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In Phantasy Star Online 2 the Soul Banish would return. It was only equippable by Hunter, Force and Techer classes, provided the 690 S-ATK requirement was met.

The scythe's hidden potential, Recovery Conversion, recovered the wielder's HP by a certain percentage during a successful Just Reversal based on the potential's ability level. An unusual ability given the weapon's dubious reputation.