St. Rappy
St rappy pso
Game: PSO Episode 2
Location: VR Temple Alpha & Beta
Attribute: Native
General Rarity: Rare (seasonal)
Related Monsters: Rag Rappy, Al Rappy, El Rappy, Pal Rappy, Love Rappy, Egg Rappy, Hallo Rappy, Sand Rappy, Del Rappy, Toy Rappy

St. Rappy (Japanese: セント・ラッピー), also known as Saint Rappy, is the seasonal rare form of Rag Rappy in the VR Temple. It replaces Love Rappy during the seasonal period.

The rappy was only encounterable online during the Christmas event which typically ran from mid-December to December 26.

General Data


St. Rappy is a large, flightless bird that roams the virtual reality temple area. In actuality, it is a Love Rappy that has donned a costume in order to celebrate the spirit of Christmas. The bird wears a red Santa suit with velvet accents and a matching Santa hat. St. Rappy has three toes per foot, two of which are forward facing and one in the back.

St. Rappy are social creatures that tend to travel in flocks, sometimes accompanied by virtual Rag Rappy. When they feel safe and secure in their surroundings, they chirp happily among themselves, bobbing their heads and wagging their tails. Like all rappies, when knocked out, St. Rappies will fall to the ground and after a certain amount of time, or once Hunters have moved outside their proximity range, they will rise up and run off into the distance.

Activity Patterns

St. Rappy are timid, yet territorial creatures by nature. When their territory is trespassed, all rappies in the flock will attempt to peck their target until the enemy either leaves or is killed.

Being the shy creatures that they are, when they are attacked from a distance or severely injured, they will either attempt to flee or, if the target is close enough that the bird believes that there is no chance of escaping, play dead. If the player waits patiently or feigns leaving the area, the rappy will attempt to sneak away. At this point, if the player hits the rappy before it can escape, there will be a guaranteed item or meseta drop.

Special Drops

Xmas present pso

St. Rappy drop special items called Christmas Present that contain a number of treats. Upon being opened, the prize is randomized from the items in the table below.[1]

Mag Cell becomes... Mag
Panther's Spirit
Panzer Tail
Heart of Devil
Devil Wings → Devil Tail
Kit of Hamburger
Kit of Mark III
Mark III
Kit of Sega Saturn
Sega Saturn
Heart of Angel
Angel Wings
Kit of Dreamcast
Kit of Genesis
Kit of Master System
Master System


  1. Seasonal item drop list from PSO-World

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