The story of Phantasy Star III: Generations of Doom takes place 1,000 years after the events of Phantasy Star II, and runs parallel to Phantasy Star IV: The End of the Millennium.

Opening Text

"The legends of Landen, your homeland, tell of world-sweeping wars fought 1,000 years ago. Brave Orakio sought to foil the evil schemes of the dark witch Laya and her hordes of monsters. In the final battle, all combatants were killed, though Orakio and Laya's bodies were never found. The passageways between the Layan worlds and the Orakian worlds were sealed. In time, people forgot that there were other worlds beside Landen. Two months ago, a young woman washed up on the shores of Landen. The woman remembered nothing of her life prior to waking up on the beach. This seemingly minor event sets an epic adventure in motion....

"The legends of the past shape our lives and those of our children. One such legend is of a struggle that almost destroyed our world. The names of Orakio and Laya echo down through the years, still inspiring love and hatred even now, 1,000 years after their tragic deaths. Their conflict wiped out civilization and left the survivors in a world of mutated creatures and warring pockets of men. Into this shattered world you are thrust, to live or die by your sword and your wits...."


Orakio v laya

Ancient Orakio confronts Laya.

In the town of Landen, located on a vessel of the same name, there are ancient legends about a heroic swordsman named Orakio, who fought bravely against the bow-wielding witch, Laya, and her army of monsters in a catastrophic battle that nearly destroyed the planet.

1,000 years ago, Orakio, with the assistance of several Wren and Mieu battle androids, sought to end the feud with neighboring Laya's territory by force. With each monster she commanded in battle, Orakio responded with a cyborg. Ultimately, the fight would end in a tragic stalemate, with neither side being the victor nor loser. Everyone that participated in the war was killed. Orakio and Laya perished, however, their bodies were never found. Civilization as people knew it crumbled, and the fallout from the conflicts stirred feuds between men in a desperate fight for survival. Local animals transformed into horrifying mutants. Passageways that were once used to visit neighboring worlds were sealed, and over time people forgot about their existence.

Each city would begin the arduous task of restoring order. The town of Landen, in particular, would have great success in this endeavor with their nation. Descending from the blood of Orakio, these people proudly identify themselves as Orakian in heritage. Rhys, heir to the Landen throne, is one such descendant. Negotiations are discussed between nations, and it was decided that Rhys would marry Lena in a peaceful effort to unite Landen with the city of Satera.

Maia ashore

A mysterious lady washes ashore.

This seemingly happy union would be crushed one day, as a mysterious lady washed ashore the Landen coast. Without any recollection of her life, she helplessly agreed to the aid of the local people, only offering her name, Maia. Captivated by her beauty, Rhys immediately proclaimed that she will be his wife. This seemingly uneventful happening would set in motion an epic journey for the young prince, as his world would change in an instant and his decisions would have a major impact on the fate of his homeland.

Rhys' Adventure

The Beginning of an Epic

Two months have passed, and the day has finally come for Rhys to marry his bride, the fair beauty, Maia. With the townspeople happily setting up for the wedding, Rhys makes his final preparations before making his vows. As he escorts his lady into the throne room, a Layan dragon suddenly breaks in through a nearby window and kidnaps her.

Rhys is overcome with anger and demands that she be returned immediately. When he hastily threatens to wage war with a people that have not been seen for 1,000 years, his father, the king, decides to intervene by locking Rhys in the dungeon below the city. Unknown to the guards, Lena, Rhys' former bride-to-be, managed to sneak into the dungeon during the chaos. She unlocks his cell and wishes him luck on his journey to save Maia before disappearing out of sight.

Gathering Support

Outside the city, Rhys stumbles upon the cyborg Mieu. She informs him that she has been waiting for him for 1,000 and will only allow herself to be commanded by a person of Orakian heritage such as himself. With Mieu by his side, the two journey to the city of Ilan.

Repairing the Weather Control

Confrontation with the King

If Rhys chooses to marry Maia, continue reading Ayn's story.

If Rhys chooses to marry Lena, skip to Nial's adventure.

Ayn's Adventure

If Ayn marries Sari, skip to Crys' story.

If Ayn marries Thea instead, skip to Sean's adventure.

Nial's Adventure

If Nial decides to marry Laya, continue reading Adan's adventure.

If Nial decides to marry Alair, skip to Aron's story.

Adan's Adventure

Aron's Adventure

Crys' Adventure

Sean's Adventure

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