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Game: Phantasy Star Online
Species: Newman
Gender: Female
Class: HUnewearl
Section ID: Bluefull

Sue (Japanese: スゥ) is a HUnewearl from Phantasy Star Online. A mysterious lady, she is an important side character in the main story which, depending on how you answer her question, will lead the player character into certain subplots.


Sue fights alongside you in Dr. Osto's Research, but that is only the beginning of her story. Whether or not you tell her your name when she asks at the end of that quest determines whether you can follow the Sue Subplot or the Bernie Subplot when replaying the quests on that difficulty level. Sue always remains mysterious, but based on her later appearances in Unsealed Door, Waterfall Tears, and Black Paper, it seems likely that she is a member of the criminal underground group Black Paper.

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