Telepipes (Japanese: テレパイプ) are consumable items common to Phantasy Star games. In the Japanese versions of the original series, they were called ocarinas of travel (Japanese: たびのオカリナ).

Phantasy Star II

Psii telepipe
In Phantasy Star II, a telepipe is a consumable item used to teleport the party back to the last town in which the game was saved, or if none exists, Rolf's house in Paseo or Skure if the party is on Dezo. Telepipes are sold at most tool shops for 130 meseta.

Phantasy Star IV

Ps4 telepipe
In Phantasy Star IV: The End of the Millennium, a telepipe can only be used outside battle and outside dungeons. It teleports the party to any town on the same planet that has been previously visited by the party, beginning from the party's arrival in Piata.

Telepipes are sold in most tool stores for 130 meseta.

The ryuka technique has the same effect as using a telepipe.

Phantasy Star Online

In Phantasy Star Online, a telepipe can only be used in the field. When it is used, it creates a portal of white light streaking up from the ground. Anyone may enter it to teleport back to Pioneer 1. A return portal leading back to the field is also created on Pioneer 1.

The ryuker technique has the same effect as using a telepipe.

Phantasy Star Online 2

Telepipe pso2id
In Phantasy Star Online 2, a telepipe can only be used in the field. When it is used, a portal will appear nearby. Any party member can enter it to return to the party's Campship. In addition, the Campship's teleport pool will offer a choice to teleport to the portal's location in the field.

Phantasy Star Nova

This section contains plot or ending details which could spoil the game for those who have not completed it.

Unlike its sister game, telepipes are very rare in Nova. Only one Telepipe is seen in the game. Telepipes are not available to players.

The sole existing Telepipe has the appearance of an array of red hexagonal plates matching the color scheme of Fildia's outfit. When activated, the plates separate and form a circle that emits a column of green light.

This Telepipe is presented to Lutina by Fildia in Grand Act 1, although its identity as a Telepipe is left undisclosed. Lutina attaches it to her outfit, and can be seen wearing it on her waist.

At the end of the game, after Juno subdues Nova, Nova's core begins to collapse, threatening to bury the player's party alive. Per instruction from Kisara, Lutina activates the device that Fildia gave her, which is subsequently revealed to be a Telepipe that links directly to the Delta Valiant. The party escapes by Telepipe just as the core collapses completely.

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