Lost bride quest
"Cicil got fat by using too many recovery items. Help her diet!"

The Lost Bride is a quest about a bride-to-be desperate for assistance with her unique take on a weight-loss regimen.

Quest Details

Official quest description: "I'm too fat to go back to my fiance. Please help me diet!"
Difficulty: Easy
Length: Long
Client: Cicil, Force
Solo mode only?: Yes
Requirements: Clear all Tier 1 quests and unlock the Caves
NPC partners: Cicil
Areas visited: Caves 1, Caves 2


"Weapons" Subplot

Lost bride weapons
After receiving the first approval from the large man in purple in Secret Delivery, he will tell the player that they will need to obtain four more approvals before being allowed to speak with their boss and ultimately obtain the gag weapon, Akiko's Frying Pan. The four members in question can be found roaming around the Pioneer 2 lobby in the quests: Claiming a Stake, Gran Squall, The Value of Money and The Lost Bride. The "Weapons" members can be spoken to in any order even after unlocking every guild quest.

In this quest, be sure to speak with the soldier standing to the left of the storage bank before receiving your reward at the Hunter's Guild. If you spoke with the man in purple from Secret Delivery and answered "!!" to both his questions, the soldier will notice your emblem and then ask you what every hunter should think of when they hear the word "weapon." Answer "enthusiasm" and he will give you a referral. If you have not initiated the subplot and attempt to speak with him, he will simply lament the lack of freedom that soldiers on duty have.

Quest Monsters

Normal-Very Hard



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