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"Our household pet 'Rocky' has disappeared. Please find him..."

Tinkerbell's Dog is a quest in Phantasy Star IV: The End of the Millennium. A family loses their pet one day and requests assistance from the Hunter's Guild.

In Phantasy Star Online, another family faces a similar predicament in The Tinkerbell's Dog 2.

Quest Details

Official quest description: "This is a request from the house where Tinkerbell lives. 'Our household pet 'Rocky' has disappeared. Please find him...' That is the message. This certainly doesn't seem to be the caliber of work for a hunter."
Difficulty: Very easy
Length: Short
Client: Tinkerbell's family
Areas visited:

Aiedo, Monsen, Krup, Termi


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After receiving the request from the guild, travel to Tinkerbell's house located toward the eastern portion of Aiedo. When you enter their house, speak with the father and he will describe their predicament. Their fat dog, Rocky, escaped from the house one day. The family searched the entire town but could not find him. Because of their fear that he may have escaped beyond the town's borders and into the dangerous, monster-filled Motavian wastelands, they requested assistance from the Hunter's Guild. When the mother is spoken to, she will provide a valuable clue that their dog apparently loves sweets.

Leave the house and go toward Aiedo's entrance near the southern part of town. Now, without leaving Aiedo, travel west following the walls surrounding the town. After a short walk around, you'll come across a seemingly abandoned house. Go inside and down the steps into the basement. You'll see a baker from the Nuala bakery offering to sell shortcakes for 280 each. Buy a shortcake and leave the city.

Rocky could be in three possible towns: Monsen, Krup, or Termi. Travel to each town until you find the dog, who is white with black spots. If you attempt to catch him without a shortcake, he'll easily run away to another town. He will also disappear if Chaz enters any houses while searching for the dog. When you do find him, approach him with the shortcake and speak to him. Due to his love of sweets, he'll give in to Chaz and willingly travel back with the party to Tinkerbell. After a short cutscene, travel back to the Hunter's Guild and receive your reward.


  • Secretary: Good job. Congratulations on a job well done! Please accept your commission fee of 2000 meseta. Please come again to the Hunters' Guild where we enrich the lives of hunters!
  • Chaz: That was one interesting dog!
  • Rika: Perhaps... there's a trait that he has in common with you!
  • Chaz: Don't be ridiculous!

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