Tonoe in Phantasy Star IV

Tonoe (Japanese: トノエ) is a town on the planet of Motavia in Phantasy Star IV: The End of the Millennium. It is where the party meets Gryz, and the location of the Tonoe basement dungeon.


Weapon store Cost Armor store Cost Tool store Cost
Hunter knifeChazHahnSeth 120 CircletHahnRuneRajaSeth 100 Monomate 20
Titanium daggerChazHahnSeth 240 Titan helmetChazGryz 570 Antidote 10
Steel swordChaz 280 Carbon suit
550 Cure paralyze 120
Titanium swordChaz 560 Titanium mailChazAlysGryzRika 1120 Telepipe 130
SlasherAlysKyra 160 Carbon shield
220 Escapipe 70
Titanium slasherAlysKyra 360 Titanium shieldChazAlysGryzRika 600

Inn Cost
per party member 15

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