Twin Chakram (Japanese: ツインチャクラム) is a recurring weapon in the Phantasy Star franchise.

General Information

Twin Chakram is a rare dagger-type weapon that was designed for speedy combat. Its lithe form combined with short blades allows the user to blaze through multiple opponents quickly.

This weapon's appearance remains constant. The handles are steel, with three small holes drilled in the form of a triangle on each side of the grip. The photon blades are round circles that have a glowing, bright green color.

Phantasy Star Online

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Twinchakram id

Twin Chakram was a rare, 10 star dagger in Phantasy Star Online that could be equipped by every class and race so long as the 480 attack power requirement was met.

Its special attack was an unreduced hell ability, which allowed its blades to instantly kill most targets in a single hit.

Phantasy Star Online Episode III C.A.R.D. Revolution

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Pso ep3 twin chakram

Mahu returns in the Online series in Phantasy Star Online Episode III C.A.R.D. Revolution as a sword-type weapon card that is only equippable by members of the Hunters.

As a homage to the weapon's swiftness, its ability, Double Strike, attacks the opponent twice with the same attack. During defense, Action Disruptor destroys all action cards that the opponent sets with certain exceptions.

Phantasy Star Online 2

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Twin Chakram would return in Phantasy Star Online 2 as a twin dagger. In this appearance, it became a weapon exclusive to the Fighter class.

Twin Chakram's hidden potential, From Behind, boosted rear attack power during Wise Stance by a certain percentage based on the potential's ability level.